Wednesday, 20 July 2011

An scene from my first chapter

Pushing open the bathroom window let all the steam out.  I climbed through onto the narrow ledge, several storeys above the street. Closing my eyes, I let the darkness wash over me, smelt the scent on the air and opened my eyes. There he was, a few storeys below, striding along the footpath. He reached the cross street, glancing around. Had he sensed me?
My wet hair flapped against my back as I jumped, I landed feet square, knees bent, on the pavement. My black t-shirt clung to my body. He’d crossed the road. He took out his mobile phone, pressed numbers and started talking. I stepped out of the street light and slipped into the shadows. Darting from shadow to shadow, I quickly gained ground on him. He’d stopped and was waving his arms around, almost yelling into the mobile. My heart beat faster, little butterflies fluttered against my stomach, adrenalin surged through my blood. My eyes changed colour from harmless brown to hunter silver. Needle like teeth extending out of my upper jaw. His scent filled my nose, I could already taste his blood; beautiful and sweet.
“Hi,” I said.
“Ha,” He swivelled around, dropping his mobile.
I circled him. He was tall, lean, he had dark hair and an angular shape to his features.
“What do you want?”  His eyes searching for his mobile.
I raised my eye brows and smiled.
“Cut it out, what ever you want...” He backed away from me.
I stepped forward, and as I did, he shuffled back and tripped. I was there in a flash catching him before he hit the pavement. He yelped.
“You’ll be fine.” Mind control was great, it stopped them struggling.
I kissed his mouth, then traced my lips down his neck to the sweet spot. My teeth sunk into his soft flesh, his sweet blood filling my mouth, I gulped it down greedily, three gulps, no one more, thats enough. Using my tongue I closed up the small puncture wounds.
He blinked, his eyes darting from my teeth to my eyes. “What… are you?”
I looked into his innocent blue eyes, staring back at me, was it horror, fear? “I’m nothing.” 
I passed him his mobile and slid back into the shadows where I lived.

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