Saturday, 6 October 2012

5th Draft

If you can call it that. I know it's been many more then 5 but it's easier to put a number on it and keep some sort of track of the whole manuscript. I'm at 201 pages of 230 in another edit, so not long to go now and I've got until the 14th to finish and submit (self imposed deadline for a new publisher). I do have to write a synopsis, cover letter etc as well that obviously needs some time spent on it, perhaps I'll devote tomorrow night to that :)

I did want to tell you all about 1 book I've just finished reading. "First Contact" by Michael R Hicks. I'm not a big Science Fiction reader, but I loved this book. I read it on my iPhone which was a little hard because the book is so long but here is the good news, Michael has it free as an e-book on his website at the moment here is the link First Contact. So why did l love this book? There are some great characters and some fantastic imagination and lots of adventure. It is long and it is Science Fiction, the closest comparison I can come up with is "Star Wars".

Happy reading, or writing.

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