Saturday, 29 October 2011


I don't know when I turned into a keen gardener, but now I look forward to the weekend, to heading to Bunnings or the local nurseries to buy plants, vegies and herbs. Today I found rolly poly carrots, we rigged up a new dog-proof (fingers crossed) garden bed, and planted the new carrots. We also made a lid for our new compost bin! So weekends are great, productive times at home, I should be writing, but the sun was out and I have a two year old.

I've written a few short stories around my novel and this is the beginning of one that I really liked, at one stage I thought of including it in the novel somehow.

What was really happening? People dying, strange marks on their necks and drained of blood, this would suggest Vampires, but who believed in Vampires? They were myths and stories that made it into our movies and books, not reality. So what then cults? Ritualistic killings? Vampire wanna be? I scratched my head. First day on the job and things weren’t looking good. I’d transferred down from rural New South Wales into the big smoke of Melbourne, wanting to be closer to my family and friends. But seeing these bodies pile up and the bizarre nature of the crimes, I was thinking I should of stayed put.

Happy reading and writing all!

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