Saturday, 19 November 2011

The time to write.

It's hard to find, but tonight I did. I've hit 60,000 words, yay! Eaten a lot of chocolate and now have a sore back from sitting so long in the same position.
My characters are having a hard time and may have just been exposed for the supernatural creatures they are:
“You’re more worried about me than that thing I just killed, there’s hundreds of them up here, and if we don’t leave they’ll be here, soon.”
Brody nodded, “They’re coming. Put your gun down and we’ll get you safely back, keep it aimed at my friend and we’ll leave you.”
Still gun man was unconvinced.
“Put the gun down Gus,” one of the girls said.
He grunted, but let it drop. We started moving down the mountain.
“I’m gonna want answers but.”
“And you’ll get them,” Brody said.
But we all knew that wasn’t going to happen.

Tomorrow is another day, I hope I get another couple of hours to write, because when I don't write I daydream.

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