Wednesday, 20 June 2012

4th draft

4th draft done. I finished it Monday and now my hubby is proof reading for me. I think I'll do a fifth draft as well as I am unsure about one section of plot.
It is such a learning curve and I am realizing I have a really long way to go, but the best attribute a writer can have, I think, is perseverance. I think I have that. We'll see when I have a pile of rejection letters on my desk, or as the case will probably be rejection e-mails sitting in my inbox. So enough with the negativity, I have a deadline, self imposed but still... I have till the end of June (originally it was the end of July) to submit this manuscript to a specific publishing house as their cut off date for unsolicited manuscripts is the end of June, till further notice.
Exciting, scary, yes; but better then sitting on this story and letting it take up computer space.

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