Monday, 6 February 2012

I hate revision!!!

I procrastinate, clean the house, walk around the house looking for things to do, twiddle my thumbs, pat the dogs, water the garden, wander around the garden and more before I sit down at the computer and start to work. Why? I don't know. I really hate reading some of my worse sentences and how did I think I could glue words together with a comma? Today I had half an hour and managed more than I have all week! And right now I'm procrastinating again!

I got another rejection for one of my short stories, here is what they said While we read it with interest, I’m afraid we’re going to pass on it. Nice enough words, but still a rejection. I've resubmitted it rather then leave it in the computer hard drive to take up space. Recently I read an article written by a man who is well published now (I forget his name), but he said his short story got rejected by many magazines before finally winning an award. So I guess perseverance is the key.

As I prattle on the night is running away from me, so I'd better post this and go write!!


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