Monday, 27 February 2012

Oh I feel slack...

I haven't written in this blog for so long. I should be writing but find myself too busy. Perhaps that is just an excuse. My little girl started 3 year old kinder a couple of weeks ago, she growing up, it's wonderful to see, but a bit sad as well. Perhaps I am using her starting kinder as an excuse. I do plan on writing more, I think I need to look for some suggestions to help me better organise my time and motivate myself.
Any thoughts?

I did enter the 'Think Big' short story competition last weekend. A science fiction 1000 word story we had 72 hours to write. I found that a lot of fun.

On another note I am reading a lot, I just finished "Without warning" by John Birmingham. I really enjoyed this book, John really draws the reader in and makes the world believable. The premise is America has been wiped out by some sort of phenomenon and then deals with the aftermath and the world falls apart.
I am reading "the red tent" by Anita Diamant. It's for my book club and I wouldn't have picked it up otherwise, but I really like it. Anita's description are amazing and I am captivated by the world these women live in and the customs they follow. It really is worth a read.

Hopefully my next post has an update on my novel progress.

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