Monday, 28 May 2012

3rd draft

I've been powering through my third draft. I'm up to chapter 18 out of 27. I think giving my self a deadline has really worked and I like reading my novel, I really like the story and the characters. I think I like it a bit too much, so I don't want to cut to much out of it. Which could be a bit of a problem. When I've finished this draft I am going to print it out and read it through in hard copy form and change it a bit more but then I'm going to stop and submit it and see where that goes (probably rejection town but even the most well know authors have a pile of rejection letters).

On another note I submitted a short story to another literary journal today. It's titled A breath of air and I might publish it here after I receive a response. It's good to get things out there. This means I have three short stories floating around out there in they story sphere :)

And on another note it is winter, finally and with that comes those dreaded colds and flues, muddy puddles and foot prints through the house. But it also brings that beautiful white stuff, snow! And who doesn't love snow? Well I guess a few people don't, but I'm one of the ones that do. I can't wait to go skiing this year and it is going to be so much fun with my daughter who is 3.5. She started at 1.5 but didn't do much more then shuffle around. Last year she skied down the beginner runs and the home-trails but this year she'll be old enough to go to ski school and she'll be strong enough to ski longer. The best thing is, she's excited too.

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