Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Hunger Games

So I read it. Took a couple of days, it was one of those hard to put down books, I actually spent more time at the gym just so I could read longer (I usually sit on a bike and read while pedaling).
I am not sure about going to see the movie—I don't think I would like all the violence. In you're own head you can sensor it a bit but when it's on the big screen it's in your face. It's interesting hubby said he'd probably see the movie but not read the book. I have ordered the next two in the series even though I've heard that they aren't as good as the first.
It has been well written, easy and engaging to read. I like the world the author Suzanne Collins invokes and the contrast between the districts and the Capitol. It is a young adult novel—that being said I enjoy YA novels.
So if you're looking for a book I recommend Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.
Now I have to find a new book to read, as my book shelf is full of books I've already read, I might need some help—thoughts anyone? what books are you reading at the moment?

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