Saturday, 5 May 2012


I've been reading Room by Emma Donoghue for book club. It's not my choice. I got it a few days ago and am about 2/3 through it. I would never have picked it up but that's what being in a book club is good for. It's a good book. The story is told from a 5 year old boy's voice. He has been locked in a room with his 'Ma' from birth. At first I found it disturbing and didn't want to read it. I will stick it out but I have figured out something about myself. I like fantasy, post apocalyptic, urban fantasy, science fiction and any variation on these genres. And I just worked out why: stories about real life could be real—there really has been women locked up by men. I feel depressed reading this story but can't stop now; I feel like it is leaching the happiness out of my life. It's to close to real life. However fantasy is not, vampires don't exist. I'm also reading Blackwood Farm by Ann Rice. It's funny, these aristocratic Vampires throwing around flower language and emotions. It's an easy read, won't make me cry or feel sad, even if someone dies, because it is so far removed from real life. On my list of books to read is Hunger Games and I will read the book before I see the movie.

Perhaps my blog is more of a book review page?


  1. Tristy, I've never been into vampires and werewolves myself but you've made a great point about why people may love them so much. I am intrigued by the Hunger Games though I don't know if I will read it, I'm not too sure about teenagers hunting each other but would be interested in what you make of it. I enjoy reading your book reviews!

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks :)
    I am not sure about it either, but would rather read about it then watch it on the big screen. A friend of mine recommended it before I knew it was going to be a movie, I've just been slack about getting it. I will let you know what I think.